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Do I Really Need Moisture Barrier Primer?

Most home pads in Perth have an average moisture content of around 10-14%.  It is important to test, as some homes especially new concrete pads can have a high moisture content.

Moisture Barrier Primer protects the flooring from any moisture that may be present in the subfloor from rising into the floor laid on top.


Lifetime warranty info

You will have peace of mind with Our local lifetime warranty, meaning our products are guaranteed though our company locally. Unlike many of our competitors who only offer overseas manufacturers warranties, rest assured we stand by our bamboo floors and are obliging to assist you if your flooring has any issues after installation, providing you are the original purchaser and owner of the property where it has been installed.

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We have a wide selection of bamboo boards to suit any of your building needs such as direct stick or floating floors including a vertical board, ideal for making furniture pieces. 


Elegant stair case with Bamboo flooring

Create a stunning staircase in your home or office using bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring has become quite popular due to its modern look and strength. Bamboo flooring will enhance the look of any staircase such as the elegant caramel toned bamboo used here. Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly, durable and easy to clean material. Simply Bamboo will ensure high quality finishing on all their installations.